Purnell’s Lie Detector – The Scientific Evidence

Earlier this week, over at Liberal Conspiracy, I started to publish a comprehensive exposé of the DWP’s trial of a ‘voice risk analysis’ system on benefits claimants. To follow the story so far, you’ll need to read: Liberal Conspiracy briefing: Exposing the DWP’s lie detector testing, and LC […]

The Charlatan and the DWP

A couple of months ago, myself and Alex Harrowell did a big of digging into the background of the company whose ‘voice risk analysis’ technology is being introduced by the DWP as a means of screening benefits claimants for the possibility that they may be committing fraud. (see […]

Jeni Barnett – Pig Ignorant and Proud

It seems that abuse of copyright law are rather like buses – you get nothing for a and then two show up at once. I’ve commented on the Associated Press’s attempt to sue artist Shephard Fairey for basis his now famous ‘HOPE’ poster on a photograph for which […]

Regulating Snake Oil

It is a rare privilege to be able to do something like this, but today the Ministry of Truth has the distinct pleasure of bringing you one of the leading candidates for this year’s most unintentionally hilarious document – the new Complementary & Natural Health Council’s Code of […]

The Dyslexia Hypothesis

To pick up the full background to this post, you’ll need to read this article of mine at Lib Con, and this response from Letters From A Tory, first… … Finished? Good, then we’ll move on. … … There’s an common exercise that was widely used by English […]

Credit Crunch Science

From the blanket coverage he’s getting in today’s Guardian you might think that Professor Simon Baron-Cohen of the Cambridge University Autism Research Centre had made some kind of major scientific breakthrough: New research published today will bring prenatal testing for autism significantly closer, prompting experts to call for […]

The Right Tool for the Job

Apropos of my extended article on the irrationality of the UK’s approach to formulating public policy on the use and abuse of narcotic drugs, I find that Bearwatch has read something into the article that simply isn’t there: Unity at the Ministry of Truth offers 15,000 words to […]

Blades of Tinfoil Helmetry (Updated)

So, has accosting mentally unbalanced rednecks on isolated country roads so lost its charm that ET has taken to randomly knocking blades of wind turbines in Lincolnshire? Nah, fuck off. Sorry to disappoint any budding ufologists looking in the but the real villain of piece here isn’t a […]

Making A Complete Hash Of It

If you’re a regular visitor to the Ministry then you’ll already know what to expect, but if not then take my advice, grab yourself a nice hot cup of coffee (and maybe even a sandwich) and settle down because this is going to be one of those posts […]

Government Bullshit Risk Detector

When stories start appearing about the government’s plans for a nationwide rollout of the use of so-called ‘lie detectors’ to trap ‘benefit cheats’ there seems to little else for a diligent blogger to do but run the whole idea through their own personal bullshit detector to see what […]