The Prevention of Unicorns Act

I’m indebted to the wonderful PZ Myers for drawing my attention to what has to be the most hysterical and ill-conceived political smear in living memory: Minutes ago I spoke with friend Dr. Norman G. Marvin, M.D. and he is so concerned at what he has learned about […]

Rounding Up The Peasants

There are many things in life that piss me off and that, in some respects, is a good thing because things that piss me off are a constant source of inspiration for things to write about on this blog. I will freely admit to having many pet hates […]

For Art’s Sake!

And lo it came to pass that yet a British court has been asked to consider the merits of a vexatious private prosecution brought by a Christian fundamentalist stooge of Nadine Dorries’ new BFF, Andrea Minichiello Williams… Representatives for a gallery in Gateshead appeared in court yesterday charged […]

Harry Cole: Not Open. Not Transparent

Follow-up research in the so-called ‘Centre for Open Politics’ has revealed that one of its founder members, Harry Cole, a Vice President of Conservative Future Scotland, was found to have operated an anonymous attack blog during his campaign for President of Edinburgh University Students Association, earlier this year. […]

Meaningless ‘Records’

Oh dear, it appears that, despite all the effort put into more or less successfully curing its main carriers (Guido and Iain Dale) Nadine Dorries has now come down with a bad case of Dale’s syndrome… If anyone is interested by the way, May was a record month […]

Mad, Sad and an utter Hypocrite

Today sees the release of the latest set of abortion statistics by the Department of Health and, naturally enough, this has brought Nadine Dorries and other pro-lifers crawling out of the woodwork, once again, to tell us all that the sky is still falling. The headline figure is […]

It’s a democracy, stupid

I promised you all another venture in the realms of MadNaddery and here it is… First of all, to pick up the weekend’s events let me direct you to Bookdrunk who’s nicely covered all the relevant ground vis-a-vis the bullshit that’s appeared in the Daily Mail over the […]

Fallout Boy #2 – The Mad Nad Special

Yes, its time for part two of my own look at the abortion debate as it played out in parliament, and time to get around to the ‘contribution’ of Nadine Dorries. As our starting point we’ll take what Dave Cole has suggested will become the leitmotif for the […]

Fallout Boy #1

Well it’s the morning afternoon after the night before and the Continuity IDS* spin operation was up bright and early today, so I guess we should get straight down to business and deliver a coup de grace** or two. *Mike Smithson’s oh-so-beautifully-apt nickname for Conservative Home. **Translation for […]

The (almost) Final Indignity

A much more sentimental character that your humble scribe might feel some sympathy for Nadine Dorries.  I’m sure she set out on her little crusade to restrict legal access to abortion full of optimism and here we are on the big day of the vote and what has […]