Sex Education, Churnalism and 10 Yetis – A Cornucopia of Crap

If you visited the BBC News website late last week then you have have seen this story prominently featured in its education news section: Many parents ‘oppose school sex education for children’ More than half of parents do not think sex education should be taught to children in […]

Abstinence makes the brain go softer

I was originally going to fisk the speech Nadine Dorries gave in introducing her ten minute rule bill on the mandatory teaching of abstinence to 13-16 year old girls, but much of what needs to be said can be readily covered using her pseudo-blog post on the same […]

In defence of David Fergusson

Tom Chivers is something of a rare beast; a Daily Telegraph journalist who is both scientifically literate and honest enough to offer a critical commentary on articles appearing in his own newspaper. As such, I was pleased to see Tom weighing in on the subject of Nadine Dorries’ […]

Women have a right to know

… the truth about Nadine Dorries’s latest anti-abortion campaign. Yes, I know I should be getting on with fixing up the Ministry but an issue has arisen that merits my attention, namely Nadine Dorries’ latest attack on women’s abortion rights: A cross-party alliance of MPs will launch a […]

The Honourable Fucknet for Bedworth

As was amply demonstrated during the debate on the abortion amendments to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, the Conservative Party has more than its fair share of mouth-breathing morons festering away on its backbenches but for sheer unadulterated fucknuttery even Nadine Dorries struggles to live down to […]

Pseudoscience – not a valid educational choice

Anyone who’s passionate about science, as I am, cannot help but be seriously concerned by the growing extent to which anti-scientific ideas, and the groups and organisations that promote them, are increasingly creeping into public life and attracting mainstream political support. While it’s easy to ridicule the purveyors […]

Raging Bull

It was, perhaps, inevitable that Iain Dale and Derek Draper would end up trying to settle their differences by two falls, a submission or a knock-out. It’s just rather a pity that they chose to make their first major set-to, over the BBC’s decision to ditch Carol Thatcher […]

Different Year, Same Old Shit…

What better way could there be to start a new year at the Ministry than with a typically tawdry tale of statistics abuse featuring Nadine Dorries as supporting rent-a-gob and all brought to you, as ever, by the Daily Mail: Teenage pregnancies triple in leafy suburbs in damning […]

Sex and the Tories

Work, the curse of the blogging classes, has temporarily taken over my life at the moment, but I reckon I’ve earned a bit of break for some timely Daily Mail bashing, and your dumb-ass headling for today goes like this: Sexually charged shows such as Sex And The […]

The Case of the Disappearing Endorsement?

Mmm, a curious thing seems to have happened over at Tory Home where, according to the Google Alert that dropped into my in-box earlier today, Tim Mongomerie seemed rather keen on the idea of Nadine Dorries joining Eric Pickles in being elevated to a position amongst the great […]