Pants on fire

Nadine Dorries is at it again: The ability for a baby to live when born before 24 weeks depends very much upon where it is born. If the baby enters the world in a good hospital, which has a neo natal unit, and a team of trained dedicated […]

The Ballad of Glenda Gobshite

I can’t help but be rather amused by the ongoing catfight between Nadine Dorries and Recess Monkey of which Tim Ireland has helpfully provided a running commentary. On the one hand RM does look to have pushed the envelope of good taste a little in digging out the […]

Pass the sickbag

While others take the Tory hypocritosphere to task for all the usual reasons, a quick visit to Nadine Dorries’s website, CiP (Comment is Prohibited) show her to be reaching for the literary emetics with all her usual lack of restraint. For me personaly (sic), the most difficult part […]

Hehehehe… (updated)

I see that Sam Coates – of Tory Home – appears to be wandering around the blogosphere and making ‘It’s not true’ comments in response to the Indy’s gossipy remarks about the speculation that Tim Mongomerie and Nadine Dorries may have been playing hide the sausage on the […]

Just Good Friends?

From the Indy’s media diary… MOVING ON to more cheerful affairs of the heart. Cyberspace’s one-handed surfers keep the words “internet” and “romance” estranged from one another, but there are, nevertheless, touching tales to be found on the web. is a (rather good) Tory site edited by […]

Dr Anand’s Casebook

Apologies, in advance, for yet another post on the subject of abortion but having just watched the relevant segment of last night’s Newsnight and the comments of both Nadine Dorries and a representative of the Christian Medical Fellowship, there is a very specific point that needs dealing with. […]

The thin end of the wedge (strategy).

Yes, I know fisking Nadine Dorries is yet another exercise is shooting tuna in a bucket with a 12 gauge, but this nonsense on abortion fully deserves the complete works… So, the Roman Catholic Church has gone nuclear on abortion. What, they want to start nuking doctors? As […]

A rich vein of ignorance…

Every so often, as a Labour Party member, you come across a Tory who is an absolute godsend – if you’ll excuse the use of religious allusion by a confirmed atheist. Back in the Thatcher days you were spoiled for choice although no one ever quite came close […]