Nadine’s Shame

Today, two very different but inextricably linked news stories caught my eye. In the first, I find (via The f-word) that Nadine Dorries has tabled another amendment to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill that would, if accepted, reduce the upper time limit for abortions to twenty weeks. […]

Exclusive: Dorries to Face Standards Inquiry

The latest febrile rantings of the MP for Mid-Narnia make for rather interesting, if slightly bizarre, reading: The frenzied attack against Conservative MPs and MEPs, orchestrated by and emanating from the left wing BBC and press has equalled that of an animal in its death throes. The more […]

Debunking Dorries

Time for another episode of ‘Debunking Dorries’ in which your genial host – me – takes a look at some the claims made by Nadine Dorries in support of her campaign for greater restrictions on access to legal abortion… …and then takes them apart. And for your delight […]

Miss Nadine Regrets

Tim and Garry have both picked up on Nadine Dorries’ sudden decision to turn off the comments facility on her ‘blog’: No More Comments Posted Thursday, 1 November 2007 at 00:00 I am no longer going to post comments on my blog. Please don’t send any more comments […]

Dorries and the ‘abortion industry’

As a bit of a coda to my last piece on Nadine Dorries’ mendacious conduct, it is worth noting with due reference to her habitual and tendentious practice of referring to ‘the abortion industry’ that prior to entering Parliament she was, for around a year, a director of […]

Mystic Nadine has amnesia…

Remember Mystic Nadine? You know, Nadine Dorries, the Tory MP for Mid-Bedfordshire, who had me in stitches with her hilariously bad grasp of statistics only a touch over a week or so. Well, Nadine’s back and this time its amnesia… Simon Mayo: Did you vote for the control […]

Mystic Nadine.

According to Iain Dale, ‘Nadine Dorries is a Tory MP with a sense of humor’ – which is news to me (not the sense of humour but the fact that she’s a Tory MP). Still on the strength of these comments, I can’t help but agree with his […]

The Worst “Crisis Pregnancy Centre” in Britain – A Special Investigation

In February 2014, the Daily Telegraph published a series of extremely disturbing articles based on an undercover investigation of a small number of self-styled “Crisis Pregnancy” Centres. The centrepiece of this investigation was a video lasting just under one and half minutes which showed a dark-haired young women […]

Why are there discrepancies in the DoH abortion data?

Apropos of yesterday’s lengthy article on the anti-abortion lobby’s sham ‘inquiry’ on abortion and disability, we know have a transcript of a second oral evidence session to play with and of the witnesses called one name leapt immediately off the page, that of a Daily Mail journalist, Beezy […]

The Anti-Abortion Lobby’s Sham Parliamentary Inquiry

Britain’s small, thoroughly unrepresentative and unremittingly dishonest anti-abortion lobby has found a brand new toy to play with – the sham ‘Parliamentary inquiry’. We’ve seen one of these already, Claire Perry’s so-called ‘independent Parliamentary inquiry into online child protection’, which at least had the courtesy use the word […]