AC knifes DC

With all due respect to both Tom and Neil, the whole ‘Flip Flop’ thing with Cameron is starting to tire already and its only been a couple of days – best not overdo it…

..but if you really want to stick the knife in Cameron then look no further than the ‘old master’, Alistair Campbell;

My basic line of attack had been that Cameron is not really Tony Blair’s natural successor, but mine, good at presentation, not up to leading a great country. What an irony that a Party that spent the last decade raging at the evils of spin doctors like me is now led by one.

David Cameron, the natural successor to Alistair Campbell???


You know, if Cameron were to put his belt round his ankles then I reckon Campbell would still find a way to hit him below it… I like it!!!

In fact all we’re short of now is a Tory to serve as the ‘New Mandelson’ and we should be well on the way to a fourth term… as long as we promise to the abolish the Home Office as well.

One thought on “AC knifes DC

  1. Er, no chap. Lanch Price write in his book AC that AC went up to Alan Duncan and called him “the Peter Mandelson of the Tory Party.”

    Apparently, AC had come straight from talking to Nick Soames whose view of Duncan was “a ghastly little c**t”

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