Well I suppose its not quite as bad as orange jumpsuits

Clarke unveils plan to jail fewer criminals

Charles Clarke today unveiled plans for more convicted criminals to serve their sentences in the community.

The Home Secretary was today launching the National Offender Management Scheme (Noms), a five-year strategy which will promote community penalties over imprisonment as punishment for non-violent crime.

The most eye-catching proposal is to force offenders to wear matching T-shirts – reportedly emblazoned with the words “Community Payback” – while carrying out unpaid labour, such as unpaid litter-picking and graffiti clearance.

It’s still a fucking half-arsed idea, mind you.

I wonder how long it’ll be before someone gets the bright idea of knocking up a cartoon of Mohammed in one of these dumb ass T-shirts – second thought, forget I ever said that.

3 thoughts on “Well I suppose its not quite as bad as orange jumpsuits

  1. About as half-arsed as the “contract with prisoners” idea – i.e. very. A “contract”, in what sense of the word exactly? Not in any legal sense I was ever taught.

    A new dictionary definition is needed for this – to whit “piece of paper for show that we will make sound more important and effective by calling it something legal sounding”. Similar in origin to the “charter”.

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