Columnist traumatised by blogger?

Polly Pot on the Lib-Dem leadership contest:

Huhne is the most knowledgeable of the three – an economist, ex-Guardian economics editor, founder of his own economic consultancy

Yes, ok Polly. He’s a fucking economist.

Is it me or is anyone else thinking that Polly’s finally snapped under Tim’s near legendary ragging of her own economic illiteracy?

2 thoughts on “Columnist traumatised by blogger?

  1. Would that be Tim “let’s have small government but lots of complicated environmental taxes and reserve the right to moan about service variation because of a lack of centralised standards” Worstall then?!

    I doubt if Polly takes much notice, she gets about half a million readers a week, he gets a few thousand (but still loads more than most bloggers (eg I) do). But do you think she really believes that “ex Guardian” is some sort of positive endorsement?

  2. I hope not: after all Ruth Kelly used to write for the economics page, and… (fill in the rest yourself).

    What bothered me was how excited she was at the possibility of hung Parliament – in contrast to what she was writing in the run-up to the 2005 election (Executive Summary: Labour or Team Nasty – no other choice available).

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