Is this becoming Blair’s Brown-Trousers Wednesday?


Enron witness found dead in park

A body found in north-east London has been identified as a banker who was questioned by the FBI about the Enron fraud case, sources have told the BBC…

All very reminiscent of this

Three years ago…

On the morning of July 17, Kelly was working as usual at home in Oxfordshire. Publicity given to his public appearance two days before had led many of his friends to send him supportive e-mails, to which he was responding. One of the e-mails he sent that day was to New York Times journalist Judith Miller, who had used Kelly as a source in a book on bioterrorism, to whom Kelly mentioned "many dark actors playing games,"

He also received an e-mail from his superiors at the Ministry of Defence asking for more details of his contact with journalists.

At about 3:00 p.m., Kelly told his wife that he was going for a walk. He appears to have gone directly to an area of woodlands known as Harrowdown Hill about a mile away from his home, where he ingested up to 29 tablets of co-proxamol, an analgesic drug. He then allegedly cut his left wrist with a knife he had owned since his youth.

They say trouble comes in threes, so what could possibly come next?

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