Menezes – IPCC recommend criminal charges

Apropos my comments in this post, earlier this week, the BBC are reporting this…

Report calls for Menezes charges

An inquiry into the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes has recommended that three police officers face criminal charges, the BBC has learned.

The Crown Prosecution Service has been asked to consider bringing manslaughter charges against a senior Scotland Yard officer and two firearms officers.

An educated guess based on the phrase ‘senior Scotland Yard Officer’ suggests that ther IPCC may have recommended that charges are brought against Cressida Dick, who was the officer in charge of the firearms squad side of the operation at the time the shooting occurred.

With the Independent having reported that most of the police who were considered for prosecution were advised to lawyer up and keep schtum, it will be interesting to see if the CPS do take action on this recommendation, or as the Indy suggests they might, come back with the claim of insufficient evidence and simply do the Met for a breach in health and safety law…


Stupid old me for not realising the significance of this straight away…If it is correct and the IPCC has recommended that three officers be considered for manslaughter charges – and it’s now confirmed that Cressida Dick is one of them – then that, by inference, reveals one of the findings in the report as such a charge would only be considered if the IPCC thought the actions of the officers in question to constitute gross negligence.


2 thoughts on “Menezes – IPCC recommend criminal charges

  1. The BBC report on Trident linked on the wiki link:

    Of the 300 Trident officers only 16 are black.

    Says Ms. Dick

    And I look forward to a day when gun crime does not disproportionately affect London’s black community as it does at the moment.

  2. Wikipedia ( ) states

    In June 2001, she returned to the Metropolitan Police as a Commander. She was head of the Diversity Directorate until 2003, when she became head of Operation Trident to control gun crimes within the Black Community.

    What a delicious irony if one of Sir Ian’s PC PCs should be for the high jump. But I’m sure she will find another job courtesy of her Common Purpose friends.

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