Scabby bastard spammer…

Ian has kindly pointed out that a comment (now removed) has been posted on my first post about Tim ripping on Guido which appears, to the casual observer, to have been posted by Rachel North, but which, in fact, links back to the blogger site of ‘RachelNorthLondon’.

The real Rachel is, of course, Rachel FROM North London and a first rate place to visit, while the spammer’s link actually leads through to a site that consists of nothing but fuckwitted uberChristian rantology.

Clearly someone has neglected to tell the this particular scabby arsehole about the first commandment of the blogosphere.


And thou shalt not also try to spoof the identity of an established and well respected blogger to peddle your beliefs.

What the fuck is the world coming to when you start getting spammed by fucking godbotherers? It’s bad enough that some of you bastards insist on turning up on my fucking doorstep at nine o’clock on a fucking Sunday morning – which bit of ‘FUCK OFF!’ do you not understand – but now you’re starting this game.

Well not here you’re fucking not.

The offending site’s url is, and [IP Address removed – see update and further post to come]
Bloggers are, of course, advised to update their spam blacklists accordingly – and pay a visit to the real Rachel North at


Further research shows that our idiot spammer is sourcing their material and using a guestbook from a US site, Bibledesk at, the ownership details for which are:

PO BOX 10142

UPDATE: Two new spam comments have come in since, both using obviously spoofed IPs and both claiming that the IP Address above is that of the real Rachel North.

I will be checking this last claim – so in the meantime take the IP Address given under advisement.

UPDATE: Had a reply from the real Rachel North vis the comment posted today – it wasn’t her, which confirms my initial assessment that we have a scabby bastard spammer out their trying to leech off Rachel’s reputation.

What a cunt!

UPDATE – 22 Jan.

This is now getting serious. Following an e-mail conversation with Rachel, we’ve established that the original spam post DID NOT come from her – she was out of London over the weekend and did not comment her.

However, the IP Address used by the spammer is Rachel’s – and I’ll be advising how to change that in due course.

Further thoughts on this are coming in a new post…

2 thoughts on “Scabby bastard spammer…

  1. I hope you’ve sorted it out, but if the IP address is the same then that means that the physical computer is the same. Either it’s a common proxy or if you’re system is working out the real address properly it’s a hacked computer.

    A fair amount of effort to hack into the computer of the person you try to fake spam from.

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