Trust me, I’m a defector…

Oh dear…

Looks like Cameron’s new acquisition, Gurcharan Singh, has already started leading the Tories up a very well worn garden path of overblown claims of his own self importance:

The central office stooge is at it again. Iain Dale posted on his blog earlier today that a Southall Councillor Mrs Noori has defected to the Tories. There’s a small problem with this though. She hasn’t resigned.

Councillor Noori is not happy about Iain Dale’s slur. Lawyers are being consulted. Here’s the statement she has just asked to be issued on her behalf:

“I joined the Labour Party to serve my community. That remains the case….. I have not resigned my membership and will not be joining the Conservatives.

“Tomorrow I will be leading campaigning for Labour’s victory on July 19th. I hope to see you on the campaign trail too!

It seems that Dale, and a fair few other Tories who’ve been running with the ‘one more defection’ story have a retraction to make, as done Singh, who looks to have started this particular hare running on his hastily reworked blog:


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