The plot thickens…

Another – sort of – update from Tom and one that poses yet more questions, and few answers…

Cam came in secret

July 17th, 2007 by Tom

Why do you think that David Cameron would make his fifth visit to Ealing in secret today?

What do people think?

Is the Lib Dem candidate about to jump ship to the Tories?

Has Tony Lit suddenly got cold feet?

Has Grant Shapps been fired as Lit’s campaign manager?

I guess we’ll have to see what emerges next…

4 thoughts on “The plot thickens…

  1. Blimey,it’s like Harry Potter four days early!

    BTW, the book is now ‘out’ in the public domain- and there are apparently injunctions by the bucketload to stop anybody printing extracts.

    Thanks to my mate who sent me that info. And a photo of the last page. Ta!

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