Hide and Sneak

It is, I would suggest, an axiom of dealing with this current government that whenever they go on a major PR offensive the first thing you should do is look around for what’s being quietly snuck out the back door in the hope that no one will notice. […]

The importance of disclosure

There is quite an astonishing article published on Comment Is Free at the moment, bemoaning the widespread publication of ‘flawed’ scientific research and the misreporting of scientific evidence by journals and the popular press: People who use science to inform their decisions and policies, on anything from cancer […]

It’s not just the Lib Dems who’re revolting…

As the analysis of the votes on the Treaty of Lisbon continues to filter in, it looks very much like all the leaders of the main political parties have had their problems in the House. Pride of place, of course, goes to Nick Clegg of the Lib Dems, […]

If you’ve something to say, just say it

For reasons I can quite fathom it seems to be my week for picking fights with feminists for putting up bad arguments on important issues – first there was this little head to head over at Liberal Conspiracy and now there’s this article by Joan Smith in today’s […]