The China Syndrome

This has to be, by a long, long distance, the stupidest comment I have read in a very, very long time: Here’s another interesting departure. It seems a bit odd to thank China for this can-do report, endorsed so speedily by Gordon Brown, but that country’s efforts to […]

The Abolition of Parliament Act returns

The ever vigilant Spyblog has spotted an ‘old friend’ lurking in the bowels of the government’s draft constitutional reform bill (pdf): It looks as if we will have to again go through all the fuss and lobbying that we saw over the wretched Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act […]

No one expects the British Constitution (part 1)

“Happy” Jack Straw has finally given us an overview of his proposals for ‘constitutional renewal’ – I do wish he’d lay off the ‘renewal’ thing as it only makes me think of 1976 film version of Logan’s Run – which includes one obvious crowd-pleaser: Our view is that […]

Eternal Mendacity of the Religious Mind

There is, it seems, no limit to the utter mendacity of the religious mind when bent on self-justification, as the Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, Cormac Murphy O’Connor so neatly demonstrates: Two months ago I was in Zimbabwe, to see for myself the desperate situation of so many people […]