An Organised Hypocrisy

Every so often, bloggers exhibit a penchant for either coining new words/phrases, like bansturbation, or suggesting apt and usually amusing redefinitions of the exists words/phrases, and I’m no less prone to this than anyone else hence: National Press (n): 1. An organised hypocrisy The blogging story of the […]

When does Yates of the Yard get the call?

I know that the whole school admissions process is a hot issue, but it seems that things are shaping up to become even more contentious: Secondary schools have been flouting the admissions system by charging parents money to secure a place of their choice, the schools secretary admitted […]

That’ll be a ‘no’ then…

And the lesson for today is ‘How to try to get yourself out of the shit with your customers and fail miserably 101‘: Broadband provider TalkTalk has confirmed that it will allow customers to ‘opt in’ to Phorm’s controversial new advertisement system. TalkTalk is one of three UK […]

What price the promotion of liberty?

Today is one of those rare occasions on which I have a little bit of niggle at DK over a post or two at his place which don’t, in my opinion, do him justice. By and large he’s an intelligent sort and writes with a degree of wit […]