The gender pay gap that isn’t being discussed?

Stop me if we’ve been through all this before… Yes, its yet another article on the subject of the ‘gender pay gap’ on Comment is Free, this time marking the release a the TUC’s report predictably entitled ‘Closing the Gender Pay Gap‘ which is published on the eve […]

And some fell on stony ground…

Hey guess what? I’ve just received an e-mail from Gideon giving what might loosely be called his ‘thoughts’ on today’s budget… This is a bad news Budget. Alistair Darling is kicking Britain’s families when they are down. – Darling has added £110 a year to every family’s tax […]

Silva’s Annual Email Boner

It’s Budget Day and while even the Beeb’s news site is struggling to keep up with the server load, I find myself in something of an ‘I’ve started so I’ll finish’ mood… so I thought I’d top of my recent run of posts on the Tories and all […]

Conservatism 2.0

This last series of events/post set me to pondering the following question – just what significant contribution, if any, have conservatives made to the development of what might loosely be called ‘on-line culture’? To hear ‘Call Me Dave’ Cameron and Gideon George Osborne talk you’d think – if […]

Blogging and the Public Servant

After digressions into the misreporting of a minister’s well-intentioned efforts to encourage a healthy debate and the fallacy of the Tory Party’s efforts to claim ownership of ‘open source politics’ and a few other things beside, I think its time to make a considered contribution to Tom’s discussion […]

Munging the Grimmer Twins

Having mentioned Nick Davis’s book ‘Flat Earth News’ and his concept of ‘churnalism’ – the verbatim or near verbatim reproduction of wire reports and press releases without referencing their source – one might also note than some bloggers are by no means averse to indulging is such practices. […]