The Dyslexia Hypothesis

To pick up the full background to this post, you’ll need to read this article of mine at Lib Con, and this response from Letters From A Tory, first… … Finished? Good, then we’ll move on. … … There’s an common exercise that was widely used by English […]

Different Year, Same Old Shit…

What better way could there be to start a new year at the Ministry than with a typically tawdry tale of statistics abuse featuring Nadine Dorries as supporting rent-a-gob and all brought to you, as ever, by the Daily Mail: Teenage pregnancies triple in leafy suburbs in damning […]

Sex and the Tories

Work, the curse of the blogging classes, has temporarily taken over my life at the moment, but I reckon I’ve earned a bit of break for some timely Daily Mail bashing, and your dumb-ass headling for today goes like this: Sexually charged shows such as Sex And The […]

The Case of the Disappearing Endorsement?

Mmm, a curious thing seems to have happened over at Tory Home where, according to the Google Alert that dropped into my in-box earlier today, Tim Mongomerie seemed rather keen on the idea of Nadine Dorries joining Eric Pickles in being elevated to a position amongst the great […]

The Prevention of Unicorns Act

I’m indebted to the wonderful PZ Myers for drawing my attention to what has to be the most hysterical and ill-conceived political smear in living memory: Minutes ago I spoke with friend Dr. Norman G. Marvin, M.D. and he is so concerned at what he has learned about […]

Rounding Up The Peasants

There are many things in life that piss me off and that, in some respects, is a good thing because things that piss me off are a constant source of inspiration for things to write about on this blog. I will freely admit to having many pet hates […]

For Art’s Sake!

And lo it came to pass that yet a British court has been asked to consider the merits of a vexatious private prosecution brought by a Christian fundamentalist stooge of Nadine Dorries’ new BFF, Andrea Minichiello Williams… Representatives for a gallery in Gateshead appeared in court yesterday charged […]

Harry Cole: Not Open. Not Transparent

Follow-up research in the so-called ‘Centre for Open Politics’ has revealed that one of its founder members, Harry Cole, a Vice President of Conservative Future Scotland, was found to have operated an anonymous attack blog during his campaign for President of Edinburgh University Students Association, earlier this year. […]

Harry’s Place threatened with legal action

There are certain things that are guaranteed to bring political bloggers together regardless of any differences of opinion and outlook that may ordinarily hold sway. One, as the legal firm Schillings, learned the hard way, is the use of threats of litigation in an effort to suppress legitimate […]

Meaningless ‘Records’

Oh dear, it appears that, despite all the effort put into more or less successfully curing its main carriers (Guido and Iain Dale) Nadine Dorries has now come down with a bad case of Dale’s syndrome… If anyone is interested by the way, May was a record month […]