A Hell-Hound responds…

In just about the most predictable move ever, Nadine Dorries has decided that it’s time to play the victim: The Hounds of Hell are chasing me. Woo-hoo – as soon as I find time that is definitely going on here as a testimonial We received another unpleasant parcel […]

Margin of error

One of the key points of the contention in the current abortion debate is that of the extent to which improvements in clinical practice over the last ten years have, or have not, extended the boundaries of neonatal viability. Are survival rates amongst neonates born at the very […]

And the word from MSI is…

Contrary to assertions on Nadine Dorries’ campaign website Marie Stopes International (MSI) does NOT favour a reduction of the abortion time limit. We hereby reaffirm our continued and unyielding support for 24 weeks and respect for the needs and rights of women to access abortion at later gestation. […]

As seen in Private Eye…

“Nadine Dorries, the new Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire, was parachuted into the constituency at the last minute by Conservative Central Office, just as she was parachuted into Hazel Grove (to the fury of local Tories) shortly before the 2001 election. Why, we asked, is she always first […]

Bring back the coathanger!

If i remember correctly then it not really so long ago that I gave the Indy’s health editor, Jeremy Laurance, a bit of a going over… ah yes, here it is, he was defending David Southall at the time and used a few spectacularly poor arguments. Ah well, […]

Oh what a tangled web we weave…

Throughout her efforts to introduce greater restrictions on access to abortion services, Nadine Dorries has claimed to be neither part of the ‘pro-life’ or ‘pro-choice’ lobby and that she is not motivated in her efforts by her personal religious beliefs. And, all along, bloggers like myself have had […]

Fur coat and no knickers…

Oh dear, Violet Elizabeth Nadine Dorries is in a bit of a snit at the moment… The press conference yesterday almost became a fiasco. To be perfectly honest, I hadn’t really expected anyone to turn up. So when I walked into a room full of cameras and journalists, […]

Busy Bee…

No, I’ve not forgotten you all, I’m just a tad busy at the moment with important stuff. What stuff? Well, start here with the new Coalition for Choice website, which – as you’ll hopefully see by Monday’s 2nd reading of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill – is […]

The Dishonourable Member for Mid Bedfordshire

For an all too brief moment I thought that Mad Nad might be gearing up for a startling admission: When on TV, It’s ok to argue your point as hard as you wish, and to use evidence and statistics to back that point up. It’s not ok to […]

Pickling Pickles

Is it just me or is Eric Pickles rapidly turning into the male version of Nadine Dorries? The Tories have issued a St George’s Day rallying cry against plans by Brussels to “wipe England off the map” and create a United Europe. As Gordon Brown hoisted the English […]