You Shall Not Bear False Witness

As this recent missive from Nadine Dorries, the MP for Mid-Narnia, has gone rather unnoticed, despite its unremitting stupidity, then I guess it fall to me to pick it to pieces. New figures will be officially released next week which will claim that there is no need to […]

Hacktitioner Alert #1

Sarah-Kate Templeton, late of the Sunday Herald and current the Health Editor at the Times is, so I understand, an award-winning health journalist… …not that that seems to mean very much on the evidence of her coverage of the revised guidance issued by the Royal College of Psychiatrists […]

Beyond Reasonable Stupidity

Bookdrunk has already picked up on the latest round of smears by Nadine Dorries, the MP for Mid Narnia, which goes as follows: There is not one NHS hospital in the UK which will carry out abortion over 16 weeks other than Kings in London and Newcastle, they […]

Another Day, Another Lie

And yes, another abortion post, but as the anti-abortion lobby keeps on lying, I’m just going to have keep right on pointing out the truth. So what have we got for today? Well it’s this article in the Telegraph which claims that: Hundreds of children are surviving after […]

What’s sauce for the Goose…

If Nadine Dorries can play this game then so can I: Nadine Dorries MP. Conservative. Mid Bedfordshire. Majority: 11,355 (for now) Nadine has systematically lied about and misrepresented the current state of medical and scientific evidence relating to abortion in an effort to advance an unscientific and disingenuous […]

‘Pro-choice Violence’: An Overview

I’ve taken one well deserved shot at Nadine Dorries today, and now I’m back for more. If you’ve read me last post then you’ll have noted that Dorries made this comment in an effort to suggest that the doctor who exposed the ‘hand of hope’ hoax had somehow […]


On Monday, Bookdrunk posed the question: nadine dorries: ignorant or lying (part 92) Today, in the wake of Dorries reviving a long debunked hoax, we get this: Hand of Truth I’ve had an amazing response to the ‘Hand of Hope’ blog posted yesterday. Of course, the pro-abortionist lobby […]

Pants on fire

Nadine Dorries is at it again: The ability for a baby to live when born before 24 weeks depends very much upon where it is born. If the baby enters the world in a good hospital, which has a neo natal unit, and a team of trained dedicated […]

Piss poor arguments and parliamentarians

First things first, let me commend Rhetorically Speaking for delivering this first-class commentary on the moral hypocrisy of the ‘pro-life’ lobbies efforts to advance a case for restrictions on access to abortion: Edward Leigh decides to kick around Liberal Democrat MP Evan Harris, presumably because it’s easier to […]

No one expects the Secular Inquisition…

I’m in a fisking mood today, and as Dorries is more that usually inane at the moment, I’m afraid its going to have to be a bit of Mad Mel that gets the bullet: Oh God! Tony Blair has confessed to religious faith being ‘hugely important’ to him […]