Pants on fire

Nadine Dorries is at it again:

The ability for a baby to live when born before 24 weeks depends very much upon where it is born.

If the baby enters the world in a good hospital, which has a neo natal unit, and a team of trained dedicated staff, then the baby’s chances of survival are absolutely excellent.

You only have to look at the figures for UCH to understand that.

The figures for UCH would be the one’s submitted to the Science and Technology Committee by John Wyatt, the problems with which were roundly exposed by Ben Goldacre here, causing Nadine and her now ex-Tory colleague, Bob Spink, to make a false accusation about Ben and how he obtained Wyatt’s ‘evidence’.

And to cap it all, Dorries and Spink’s ‘minority report’ recommended that Wyatt’s evidence should be excluded from the full committee because it hadn’t been published in a peer reviewed journal.

10. The committee has given too much space in its report to evidence on both sides that has not yet been published in peer-reviewed journals. These ‘findings’ should be removed from the report and should not be used to inform Parliament (eg. EPICure 2, Dr Ellie Lee, UCLH neonatal survival rates).

But only after Wyatt’s evidence had been comprehensively dismantled by both Goldacre and the S&TC.

This time there’ll be no rants and no explanations from me because the situation doesn’t demand either.

Nadine, you’re lying and you know perfectly well that you’re lying… and so do we.

One thought on “Pants on fire

  1. Hmm, surprisingly subtle for Nadine though. I had to read that second para of hers a few times before I spotted the catch. I’m sure it’s just an aberration.

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