Way to go, Dubya…

It’s been one of those weeks in which the universe seems determined to disply its sense of irony to fullest. On Sunday, we discover that Saddam Hussein is to hang… …and on Wednesday his old mucker, Donnie Rumsfeld finds himself out of a job. Meanwhile, and on the […]

A carnival of fallacies

There’s been a couple of noteworthy responses to Mr Eugenides fisking of Polly Pot’s recent Blairite love-in that, in turn, deserve a response. Tom, at Let’s Be Sensible, seems to be trying to be, well, sensible in taking issue with Mr E’s humourous commentary on vegetable masturbation and […]

I was not only hunting for my liberty, but also hunting for my name.

Every so often one finds a politician making a comment or statement in which something causes you to pause for a second and say to yourself, ‘just what, exactly, are they actually saying here?’ Such a statement can be found right at the beginning of Tony Blair’s recent […]

Tittle Tattle

Let’s get the gossip out of the way nice and early. Britney Spears is to divorce her husband, Kevin Federline, who has adopted the ridiculous name of K-Fed in an effort to launch a career as a (c)rapper. Perhaps he should have chosen a name more after the […]