I’ll see your singed pussy, Kerron, and raise you a scorched colon.

Apropos of Kerron’s tale of cat meets firework, comes this story from the Beeb, which speaks for itself… Backside firework prank backfires A man suffered internal burns when he tried to launch a rocket from his bottom on Bonfire Night. Paramedics found the 22-year-old bleeding, with a Black […]

Lib Dems in ‘getting something right’ shock!

It’s not often I have anything positive to say about the Lib Dems, but just for today I’ll make an exception in the case of their proposed ‘Freedom Bill’ or ‘Great Repeal Bill’, which they also called it. Okay, so its pretty much a gimmick with little real […]

A curious inversion…

I’ve taken the time to add another of Orwell’s essays, ‘Anti-Semitism in Britain’, to the sidebar and for no better reason that I consider it to be worth reading. By way of a related matter, to my mind at least, an article of Mad Mel’s on which I […]

Jihadis Anonoymous

I wonder, what do you think are likely to be the main outcomes/repercussions of the Democrat’s victory in the US mid-term elections? One we certainly know already; the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld, who quickly identified himself as the Bush Administration’s designated fall-guy, but, beyond that, what else is […]

Giving it a punt…

Welcome to part 647 in the Chronicle of Mad Mel Phillips’ inexorably descent into total insanity, which today seems to be accelerating, hence… The British Broadcasting Jihad The extent and implications of the BBC’s bias towards the enemies of western civilisation is still not properly understood, even by […]

Remember the force, Luke…

One can’t help but credit Luke Akehurst for his predictive abilities… This is probably a sure-fire way to make myself political toast with Labour colleagues… …if not for his judgment of character. but I actually feel rather sorry for Donald Rumsfeld and find the gloating at his resignation […]