Chip and Sin

Over the Kitchen, DK not only refrains from his usual line in invective but relates a rather disturbing story about the use of Chip and Pin cards which resulted in this statement being made by a senior member of staff in HBOS’s retail banking division… Up to 40 […]

The Administration of Things

Aside from being a day for dissecting the latest set of gushings from dear old Polly Pot, Friday is also Home Office press release day (particularly when there are unpromising statistics that need burying). And so, on the Labour Party website, we find that Dr Demento doing his […]

Doing Semantics

On the back of the release of the report ‘Doing God: A future for faith in the public square‘ by the Theos ‘think-tank’, AC Grayling not only describes the report as ‘confused’ – discursive, meandering, sophistic, would all have been equally valid adjectives – but also gives the […]

Polly Plotless (as usual).

It’s Friday and Polly Pot is in full flow – and remember the Graun have coughed up around £1,400 for what follows. Labour needs a woman at the top to win female votes back from Cameron It is amazing that Labour has lost the backing of those who […]