Well Iain Dale gives a toss…

It seems that Iain Dale has clearly forgotten Denis Healey’s First Law of Holes – when in one, stopping digging – and has taken a stab at a defending the Tory Party’s attempts to get young people to connect with their inner tosser. What those of us over […]

The Independent is free

It all happened quietly and without fanfare but for those of us who care about such things history will recall that this was the week the the Independent bowed to the inevitable and dismantled their subscription firewall, having finally come to appreciate what us humble bloggers have been […]

Kamm vs Clark

It seems that your humble correspondent has inadvertantly found themselves drawn into a dispute between Oliver Kamm and Neil Clark which his gone far enough to result in a minor bout of legal ‘fisticuffs’ courtesy of a one-time visitor to MoT (or possible its predecessor, TalkPolitics) who styles […]