Good night and good luck.

It’s difficult to know quite which is the least enticing prospect; that of the government setting up its own ‘Ministry of Propaganda’ to promote ‘British values’ to the Muslim community as part of ‘The War Against Terror’ (T.W.A.T) – I know, altogether now, ‘whaddya mean ‘setting up’? – […]

Who’s Millions?

Much as I’ve got a lot of time, personally, for Tom Watson and know enough about both the Yew Tree and Tamebridge area and the work of its Resident’s Association to be sure that good cause he’s currently promoting on his website is worthy of support, nevertheless I […]

They don’t like it up ’em!

Ordinarily I’m a great supporter of dear old Auntie Beeb and not one to be overly concerned by the near routine complaints of bias that it faces from all directions. As I see it, if the Beeb succeeds in drawing such complaints from all directions in roughly equal […]