I blame Alex Haley*…

Much as I have a deep and abiding loathing for ‘reality’ television, and not just artificially induced freak shows like Big Brother but also those interminable earnest documentaries about people with disabilities that all convey the same message – it’s okay to gawp as much as you like […]

A policeman’s lot in not an’ appy one.

Can’t find it online as yet, but when/if it does show up the Indy has a pretty naff four page spread in the ‘Extra’ section on police blogs consisting of a half column of editorial and a bunch of material lifted from various blogs, including most the usual […]

Well Iain Dale gives a toss…

It seems that Iain Dale has clearly forgotten Denis Healey’s First Law of Holes – when in one, stopping digging – and has taken a stab at a defending the Tory Party’s attempts to get young people to connect with their inner tosser. What those of us over […]

The Independent is free

It all happened quietly and without fanfare but for those of us who care about such things history will recall that this was the week the the Independent bowed to the inevitable and dismantled their subscription firewall, having finally come to appreciate what us humble bloggers have been […]

Kamm vs Clark

It seems that your humble correspondent has inadvertantly found themselves drawn into a dispute between Oliver Kamm and Neil Clark which his gone far enough to result in a minor bout of legal ‘fisticuffs’ courtesy of a one-time visitor to MoT (or possible its predecessor, TalkPolitics) who styles […]

Reading the Bumps

Any one who believes that the civil liberties objections to the introduction of identity cards and the near unchecked growth of the database state and the surveillence society are ‘shockingly feeble‘ or a very middle-class disorder would do well to take the time to read both the Information […]

Bunch of Tossers

Oh for fuck’s sake! Here’s Cameron in the Graun ‘launching a new internet initiative because politicians urgently need to find new ways of engaging with the public’. Right now, our political culture is undergoing unprecedented transformation. The old answers will not work in a new age, and political […]

Deportation? Its alright, its for your own good.

Even by the usual standards of Home Office casuistry you’d have to go some to top Liam Byrne’s current article on Comment is Free, which he also manages to drop right in the middle of week long debate on the politics of race and identity. Deporting illegal migrants […]

The Folly of Youth

It was the grand old Fabian, George Bernard Shaw, who opined that ‘youth is wasted on the young”, and every so often one comes across evidence to support just such a contention, as in the case of this “strategy for taking on the Tory leader” posted on the […]

Into the realms of absurdity

I’ve just been catching up with the comments on Sunny’s main commentary over at Comment is Free, when I noticed one response in particular that fair demanded that I be a little naughty and lift a copy of it in its entirety to comment on here. And this […]