A Bishop worth bashing…

What is it with Catholic Bishops and the Holocaust at the moment?

A Catholic bishop has accused the gay community of leading a “conspiracy” against Christianity by allying itself with Holocaust survivors.

The Bishop of Motherwell, Joseph Devine, says a “homosexual lobby” has aligned itself with minority groups, including Holocaust survivors, to gain persecuted status.

He said there was a “huge and well orchestrated conspiracy” taking place in the “gay movement”, which the Catholic Church neglected “at our peril”.


The bishop, who has previously spoken out against the Labour government’s support for civil partnerships, said the “lobby” was “ever present” at services for Holocaust Memorial Day. “The impression is that they have been equally persecuted,” he said.

In an attack on openly gay actor Sir Ian McKellen the bishop said: “I saw actor Ian McKellen being honoured for his work on behalf of homosexuals, when a century ago Oscar Wilde was locked up and put in jail.”

He made the comments during a lecture on “Christian faith and inconvenient questions” in Glasgow on Tuesday and has since stood by them, “These groups are defending their position, I am defending mine”, he said. “It is all about a lifestyle alien to the Christian tradition. There is a giant conspiracy against Christian values, an agenda here.”

Yep, there’s an agenda here – getting rid of reprehensible twats like the like Rt Rev Conspiraloon of Motherwell as quickly as possible.

4 thoughts on “A Bishop worth bashing…

  1. I honestly don’t know why a strong secularist/anticlerical movement hasn’t developed in this country. We’ve got enough fuckers to attack, haven’t we?

  2. Do you think a disabled movement could join the gays to find a way of getting rid of idiots like Bishops. About ten years ago after my accident doctors said your kidneys liver and your heart are all damaged best to take each day as it comes, in October I will be forced to take a job be it handing out baskets at some superstore, phew cannot wait, I was told by my local vicar many disabled people have done something evil in life that god feels this has to be done, I looked and said what the hell did I do, except go to a RC school, ah he said thats it .

    Boy what we have to live with.

  3. Tsk, you just don’t get it, do you Robert?

    Being disabled is good for you because you’re either expiating your sins or being given the opportunity (by god) to show forebearance in adversity and understand better how Jesus suffered on the cross for your sins.

    Its character forming!!!

    … and some of these bastards have the nerve to think that falling in love with the ‘wrong sort’ is perverse.

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