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Salma Yaqoob, in yet another unimaginative reply to the launch of the New Generation Network, seems to be just a liitle confused:

The New Generation Network manifesto argues that, “We need to foster a climate in which people can have private differences which include religion, language and culture, but also have a public space where such differences are bridged. The right to freedom of speech and expression of culture, faith and public debates must remain paramount.”

I agree. And the anti-war movement is one such example of such a public space. It is absurd for Yasmin to claim that “international issues of grave importance are being grabbed by separatist anti-democrats” because Stop the War links up with the MCB. On the contrary, organisations like MAB and the MCB played an important role in marginalising the appeal of those genuine extremists in the Muslim community who counter the peaceful and democratic methods of the anti-war movement their own distinctly sectarian and undemocratic alternatives.

Errmm. Salma. I think you might just find that, whatever Yasmin might be thinking, the epithet ‘separatist anti-democrats’ as applied to the likes of Respect, is used to refer not only to communalist Islamic organisations like MCB and MAB but also to the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party.

Just thought I’d mention it.

By the way, just out of pure curiosity. Can anyone explain why it is that none of the members of the Socialist Workers Party that I’ve ever run across actually looks like they’ve ever had a fucking job in their life?

Sorry but I do have to ask these kinds of thing when they spring to mind, but the simple fact is that the entire membership of the SWP, so far as one can see, looks like nothing more than the provisional wing of the ‘Big Issue’.

3 thoughts on “Confused of Birmingham writes…

  1. Oh come on! The New Generation network is a load of old liberal tosh!! I mean, Yasmin Alibi-Brain signed it – the ultimate slagger-off of every Muslim who doesn’t know how to courtesy and say how do you do. The MCB are a bit naff, true, but the fact is, the Sufi Muslim Council (who the goverment want to put in their place) are a bunch of Bush-loving, double talking Neocons! Better the devil you know…

  2. Great thinking Julaybib, just the sort of visionary forward-thinking I was expecting from you.

    Yess,.. YAB clearly hates all Muslims and liberals are bad people! That is why you shouldn’t be friends with liberals like Madeleine Bunting or Gary Younge….errr… whoops.

  3. As a former member of the Socialist Worker Student Society (they bought me beer and got me to sign up)… yes. Students, council office workers, and not a horny handed son of the soil amongst them.

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