The perfect Christmas present

Advertising is not usually my forte but there are times that it is only right to make an exception…

…oh, bugger it. Let’s cut the bullshit and cut straight to the chase. This year’s anthology of the (subjective) best of British blogging, The Blog Digest 2007, goes on sale on December 1st.

The book has been edited by Justin McKeag, of Chicken Yoghurt fame and features many of the usual blogging suspects (including little old me) and, no doubt, a fair few new ones as well.

Emma Kennedy (apparently) likes it:

‘The only book I’ve ever read that covers mint sauce and the war in Iraq. Genius.’

And so, it would appear, does Boris:

Celebrity blogger Boris Johnson says… “Before the advent of the blog it was nigh on impossible for ordinary people with worthwhile opinions to have those opinions heard. Of course, finding the opinions that are “worthwhile” is the difficult part. Which is where this books comes in… A brilliant collection.”

The perfect Christmas present, then, although as I have noticed that both DK and Mr Eugenides have articles in there, not one that I’d leave lying around the lounge when granny comes to visit on Boxing Day.

2 thoughts on “The perfect Christmas present

  1. What a vile calumny.

    Actually, the three posts which I was asked for permission to include in the collection are all, so far as I remember, utterly vanilla. Perhaps they were the only three clean ones they could find…

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