And that makes things any better?

Noticed this gem from The Times: Clarification A report (“We will kill our hostages, Sunni group warns Iran

The Yellow Revolution

Apropos of my earlier comments on the Lib Dems, I think its becoming perfectly apparent that there’s no one in Lib Dem ranks with the balls to pick up the assassin’s blade and mount an open and honest challege to Kennedy’s leadership of the party, hence we now […]

Some Victory Huh?

Bob Piper’s on sparkling form this morning in relation to Phillip Gould’s letter in the Grauniad; ‘This is the moment of New Labour’s victory‘, responding to Neil Lawson’s article from Thursday; ‘Labour has run into the sand and can’t depend on Brown to dig it out‘. I can’t […]

Is this a dagger I see before me

Perhaps the least surprising revelation in the whole Lib Dem leadership debacle is that Charles Kennedy ha been receiving treatment for a drink problem, not simply because its been pretty much the worst kept secret in politics for the last two or three years but because the mere […]