Now the fun really starts

The government tonight suffered a damaging blow in its bid to introduce identity cards, with the Lords voting to force ministers into revealing the complete projected costs of the scheme before it can become law. Conservative and Liberal Democrat peers, backed by at least some Labour ones, inflicted […]

Blair’s Justice

Another day, another assault on the legal system by the Home Office backed up by yet more flummery about ‘putting the rights of the victim first’ – this time its proposals to bypass the courts in many cases of petty offending by having defendents who plead guilty to […]

The Wilson Doctrine

Plans to dispense with the ‘Wilson Doctrine’, a convention which bans the tapping of MPs phones (and presumably extends to e-mail and other communications) has lead to a predictable furore in both the dead tree press and the blogosphere – posts from Bloggerheads, Blairwatch and Longrider capture the […]