Birmingham’s Student Grants pt 3

I’ve now managed to track down a copy of the Birmingham University Evangelical Christian Union’s constitution and, quite frankly, I really can’t see what the Birmingham University guild of Student’s problem is. It is a perfectly legal consitution, to start with, and contains nothing that would be impermissible […]

More-on Student Grants

Another piece on the Birmingham University Guild of Students’s war on freedom of association this morning, this time in the Birmingham Post. Can’t say that I’m overfond of the Christian Union’s histrionic comment about Satanists taking over or the obligatory references to ‘it’s political correctness gone mad’ (twice) […]

Student Grants

The furore over Birmingham University Guild of Students (BUGS) decision to effectively shut down the University’s Evangelical Christian Union rumbles on, with the Guild attracting all the wrong headlines. In fact, tonight’s local press is carrying another story (not online as yet so no link) claiming that the […]