Not good news at all

Former sports minister Tony Banks has suffered a stroke and is gravely ill in hospital, a family friend said… …Doctors at the Fort Myers hospital in Florida warned “the outlook is bleak”.

Comment of the day

Tom Watson on top form… Menzies Campbell is the new leader. We have the Blairites. The Tories have the Cameroons. Presumably the Lib Dems now have the Mingers. Yep.

Memo to the BBC Online Sub-editors

It’s astronomical, not astrological you goobers. Pluto moon ‘has no atmosphere’ A rare astrological event has proved Pluto’s moon – Charon – has no atmosphere. This could dismiss claims Charon is a planet twinned with Pluto and provide further insight into their formation. Two groups of scientists watched […]

I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore

I see that one of the Lib-Dems leading cowardly lions, Vince Cable, has been doing the Breakfast TV rounds this morning and as this is all not quite a coup d’etat he’s been dilligently not quite sticking the knife in Kennedy’s back, at least not personally. Let’s be […]