Polishing Turds

THe BBC headline reads ‘Private firms to chase CSA debts‘ – it might as well read ‘Government try to polish turd’. The report seems straight forward enough; the latest master plan to try and turn around the Child Support Agency looks set to be to try using private […]

Hyperventilating Headline

Bookdrunk does a first rate job of pulling to pieces the gross abuse of statistics behind the Daily Mail’s latest hyperventilating headline which claims that: Doctors ‘help’ 2 in 3 to die Which is, of course, a complete load of bollocks. Euthanasia is a difficult and emotive subject […]

The Land of Do-As-You-Please

Well, we seem to be heading for a showdown between the Lord and the Commons on the matter of the Terrorism Bill and the proposed new offence of ‘glorifying’ terrorism, which was removed from the Bill by a Lords amendment only yesterday. If, by any chance, you’ve been […]

Standing on the shoulders of idiots.

On Monday, Charles Clarke gave yet another one of his absurd assurances to Parliament – as chronicled by Spy Blog, of which the most interesting comment was this: Perhaps I can go even further. All of the many databases that are held about all of us in this […]