We will fight them on the beaches…

…on the coral reefs and in the seaweed. You took an oath to defend our flag and our freedom, and you kept that oath underseas and under fire. George W Bush Shit! Did I miss the declaration of The War Against Plankton.

From the Horse’s Mouth

Tony Blair explains precisely why he has to go… This has, bluntly reversed the burden of proof. The person who spits at the old lady is given an £80 fine. If they want to challenge it, they have to appeal. The suspected drug dealer loses the cash. He […]

Los Bros Serapion

The Brothers Serapion, Castro and Guevara (no, I’m not kidding) – AKA Assed Baig and Darrel Williams – have posted an update to their situation with Matthew Boulton College, noting that they have now been expelled for publishing an underground newsletter that criticised the college’s policy of banning […]