An urban myth in the making…

{via spiritof76} A little story I was told in class today. One of my classmates apparently had a phone call last night from a relative of hers. Oh good, we have the classic set up for an urban myth straight away – a classmate apparently had a phone […]

Lords go two for two on liberty

Lords defeat for anti-terror plan The Terror Bill was put together after the July bombings Controversial plans for new anti-terrorism laws have suffered a defeat in the House of Lords. Peers voted by 270 to 144 to ditch plans in the Terrorism Bill for a new offence of […]

Anyone spot the obvious problem…

ACTION: Introduce a ‘community call for action’ In the police reform White Paper, Building Communities, Beating Crime, we committed to introducing a power that will give local communities a formal way to request and ensure that action is taken by the police, local authorities and others in response […]

It’s Tuesday so It must be Polly Pot baiting

I got up this morning in what was, for me, a remarkably good mood. Why? I couldn’t have told you to begin with. I just had the indefinable sense of anticipation about the day ahead, as if subconsciously I knew there was something about today that was worth […]

Ten Lords A Leaping

What are we to do with the House of Lords? That’s a question that will come up sooner or later as another run at a package of reforms is in preparation at the moment and due to be put to Parliament at some time in the near future. […]