A fable agreed upon

What is history but a fable agreed upon? – Napoleon Bonaparte In thr past few weeks, Paul Anderson has twice had good cause to take Oliver ‘I’ve got a book out, y’know’ Kamm to task for his poor grasp of historical facts – here and here. Kamm, it […]

Science, Law and the Family Court

Apropos of my previous comments on bureaucracy, accountability and the Rochdale ‘Satanic Abuse’ case we come to an article in today’s Times by Camilla Cavendish, ‘Innocent but presumed guilty’, includes this quite staggering passage: A mother (I shall call her Sarah) entered this world voluntarily, when she began […]

Questions for Lib Dems

Does the name Chris Huhne not remind you of Steve Martin’s character in the ‘The Man With Two Brains’; Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr… and if so does that mean that he’ll be working closely with David ‘Two Brains’ Willetts. And as Charles Kennedy has again claimed that he’s a […]

On Accountability

I’ve spent much of my working life dealing with, and sometimes working in, bureaucratic institutions in the Public, Private and Voluntary Sectors and, if truth be told, there is often little to choose between them. Anyone who believes that the private sector is somehow the ultimate antidote to […]