Memo to the BBC Online Sub-editors

It’s astronomical, not astrological you goobers.

Pluto moon ‘has no atmosphere’

A rare astrological event has proved Pluto’s moon – Charon – has no atmosphere.

This could dismiss claims Charon is a planet twinned with Pluto and provide further insight into their formation.

Two groups of scientists watched the moon eclipse a distant star in July 2005.

3 thoughts on “Memo to the BBC Online Sub-editors

  1. “Real” astrologers are not interested in whether Charon exists (eg, how is one to plot the miniscule difference – from a geocentric perspective – between Pluto and Charon). Also there are many astrologer who are not interested in Pluto – because it cannot be seen with the naked eye.

    The “beeb” blew it with astrologers and astronomers alike with this one!

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