Academic Stupidity

NUS urges Matthew Boulton College to reinstate students

Two students from Matthew Boulton College in Birmingham were this week suspended for criticising their college in a newsletter.

Assed Baig and Darrell Williams were asked to leave the college after distributing a student-run newsletter ‘The Guerilla’ which criticised the college’s failure to provide formal student representation and the decision to prevent religious student groups on campus. The article asks “whether the college is ‘aware that they are in breach of Human Rights Act of 1998, article 11, which states that everyone has ‘the right to freedom of peaceful assembly.’”

Despite support from the National Union of Students (NUS), lecturers’ trade union NATFHE and others, the students remain suspended. Due to this, the students have been unable to hand in their applications to the University College Admissions Service (UCAS) and may therefore miss out on a university place as result.

NUS Black Students’ Officer Pav Akthar said: “Students have a right to organise, to express their views on political questions and to criticise their institutions policies and practices. These students were acting entirely within their rights and should not have been suspended.

“This suspension comes at a crucial time for university applications and could seriously jeopardise their chances of finding a place for next year. We urge the college to reconsider and allow the students to continue their studies.

2 thoughts on “Academic Stupidity

  1. Interestingly, when I was on my sixth form college’s equal ops committee, the college was bending over backwards to provide rooms for prayers (separate rooms – one for men, one for women) for Muslim students. Oh how times change.

  2. Hi, well the latest is that we have been expelled from the college, on some bogus charges, like causing offence to other students, which is a lie because everyone at college seems to be talking about the newsletter and seems to really like it. anyway there is going to be a protest outside Matthew Boulton college on friday 8.30 am, you get to see my ungroomed good point about the lunar society whoever made it, i mentioned that on my article ‘suspended’, in my blog.

    Thank you for the support

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