Now the fun really starts

The government tonight suffered a damaging blow in its bid to introduce identity cards, with the Lords voting to force ministers into revealing the complete projected costs of the scheme before it can become law.

Conservative and Liberal Democrat peers, backed by at least some Labour ones, inflicted a 237 to 156 defeat on the government over the measure, a majority of 81.

Still a bit of pisser to have to rely on the Lords for such things but a result nonetheless.

3 thoughts on “Now the fun really starts

  1. the Lords is one of those things that works surprisingly well. I think an elected second house would be a mistake merely repeating the sins of the first.

    It sticks in my craw but I like it.

  2. I’m reminded of a like in Mark Steel’s book, Reasons To Be Cheerful:

    Many people at some point have felt a similar rush of inspired adrenaline, maybe after a speech by a Liverpool docker, or a Sandinista, or after reading about Tom Paine, Che Guevara or Trotsk. Whereas no one will ever say ‘the person who really inspires me is Jack Straw’

  3. Perhaps people will also never admit to Clare Short MP or another human rights champion like Shami Chakrabati of Liberty as their inspiration.

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