Lords go two for two on liberty

Lords defeat for anti-terror plan

The Terror Bill was put together after the July bombings
Controversial plans for new anti-terrorism laws have suffered a defeat in the House of Lords.

Peers voted by 270 to 144 to ditch plans in the Terrorism Bill for a new offence of “glorifying” terror.

Ex-law lord Lord Lloyd of Berwick said the offence was too vague, unworkable and could jeopardise freedom of speech.


The Lords have also blindsided the provisions covering the distribution of ‘terrorist’ publications, which will now require prosecutors to show recklessness or intent to make a charge stick.

3 thoughts on “Lords go two for two on liberty

  1. Curse those Lords and their ability to occassionally display a great deal more sense than their heavily whipped colleagues in the Commons. Them behaving so sensibly undermines the whole rationale behind an elected second chamber. How very inconsiderate of them…

    Bah, good work by the Lords but I really do wish the Commons had the sense to recognise a lemon when they see one and vote accordingly rather than slavishly voting for ridiculous nonsense.

    It looks like the mendacious one is just going to get the glorifying clause whipped back in. I wonder if Blair has ever questioned his own judgements based on the arguments put forward in opposition to them? I suspect not. Perhaps that’s the difference between rational debate and modern political discourse; in today’s politics, you must not allow your political opponents to chance your mind about anything. Ever.

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