It’s Tuesday so It must be Polly Pot baiting

I got up this morning in what was, for me, a remarkably good mood. Why? I couldn’t have told you to begin with. I just had the indefinable sense of anticipation about the day ahead, as if subconsciously I knew there was something about today that was worth […]

Ten Lords A Leaping

What are we to do with the House of Lords? That’s a question that will come up sooner or later as another run at a package of reforms is in preparation at the moment and due to be put to Parliament at some time in the near future. […]

Now the fun really starts

The government tonight suffered a damaging blow in its bid to introduce identity cards, with the Lords voting to force ministers into revealing the complete projected costs of the scheme before it can become law. Conservative and Liberal Democrat peers, backed by at least some Labour ones, inflicted […]

Blair’s Justice

Another day, another assault on the legal system by the Home Office backed up by yet more flummery about ‘putting the rights of the victim first’ – this time its proposals to bypass the courts in many cases of petty offending by having defendents who plead guilty to […]

The Wilson Doctrine

Plans to dispense with the ‘Wilson Doctrine’, a convention which bans the tapping of MPs phones (and presumably extends to e-mail and other communications) has lead to a predictable furore in both the dead tree press and the blogosphere – posts from Bloggerheads, Blairwatch and Longrider capture the […]

The Supreme Homunculous

The first part of Richard Dawkins’ polemical documentary on religion, The Root of All Evil?, has certainly sparked plenty of debate and, not unsurprisingly, brought all manner of believers out in force to tell all the good things that there are about religion. I’m going to wait until […]

Respect, Power and the Personal Domain

Chris is right on the money in his observations on Blair’s ‘Respect Agenda’ in noting that: What people in deprived areas are deprived of is not (merely) money; in any historic or global perspective, the average tenant in such areas is amazingly prosperous. Instead, what they lack is […]

The Unknown Protester

This man was arrested and taken into police custody on August 1st 2005 during a protest in Parliament Square, London (the two arresting officers wore badges number KF705 and KF90). No one present at that protest has reported seeing him or hearing from him since he was bundled […]

A fable agreed upon

What is history but a fable agreed upon? – Napoleon Bonaparte In thr past few weeks, Paul Anderson has twice had good cause to take Oliver ‘I’ve got a book out, y’know’ Kamm to task for his poor grasp of historical facts – here and here. Kamm, it […]

Science, Law and the Family Court

Apropos of my previous comments on bureaucracy, accountability and the Rochdale ‘Satanic Abuse’ case we come to an article in today’s Times by Camilla Cavendish, ‘Innocent but presumed guilty’, includes this quite staggering passage: A mother (I shall call her Sarah) entered this world voluntarily, when she began […]