Who’s watching? Not the public

Spy Blog has picked up on a clear but often little regarded anomaly in the Freedon of Information Act after issuing an FOIA request for information to the Interception of Communications Commissioner regarding the Wilson Doctrine. This is one of those things I’ve known about for quite some […]

Wake up at the back

Mick Hume of Spiked (formerly Living Marxism) writing for the Times, today: The streamlined vetting and barring scheme for those working with children or “vulnerable adults

Taking the CSA Challenge

Ok. Well its seems the challenge for this evening – courtesy of Rob Newman in comments – is to take a more positive view of the issue of Child Support and suggest workable alternatives to the current system; or at least some sort of proactive approach to solving […]

Polishing Turds

THe BBC headline reads ‘Private firms to chase CSA debts‘ – it might as well read ‘Government try to polish turd’. The report seems straight forward enough; the latest master plan to try and turn around the Child Support Agency looks set to be to try using private […]

Hyperventilating Headline

Bookdrunk does a first rate job of pulling to pieces the gross abuse of statistics behind the Daily Mail’s latest hyperventilating headline which claims that: Doctors ‘help’ 2 in 3 to die Which is, of course, a complete load of bollocks. Euthanasia is a difficult and emotive subject […]

The Land of Do-As-You-Please

Well, we seem to be heading for a showdown between the Lord and the Commons on the matter of the Terrorism Bill and the proposed new offence of ‘glorifying’ terrorism, which was removed from the Bill by a Lords amendment only yesterday. If, by any chance, you’ve been […]

Standing on the shoulders of idiots.

On Monday, Charles Clarke gave yet another one of his absurd assurances to Parliament – as chronicled by Spy Blog, of which the most interesting comment was this: Perhaps I can go even further. All of the many databases that are held about all of us in this […]

An urban myth in the making…

{via spiritof76} A little story I was told in class today. One of my classmates apparently had a phone call last night from a relative of hers. Oh good, we have the classic set up for an urban myth straight away – a classmate apparently had a phone […]

Lords go two for two on liberty

Lords defeat for anti-terror plan The Terror Bill was put together after the July bombings Controversial plans for new anti-terrorism laws have suffered a defeat in the House of Lords. Peers voted by 270 to 144 to ditch plans in the Terrorism Bill for a new offence of […]

Anyone spot the obvious problem…

ACTION: Introduce a ‘community call for action’ In the police reform White Paper, Building Communities, Beating Crime, we committed to introducing a power that will give local communities a formal way to request and ensure that action is taken by the police, local authorities and others in response […]